Draft lyrics here for your perusal! May not match recorded versions. Many here haven't even been recorded yet, but someday...someday... ;)
88 Lines About 44 Companions
A Geek Like Me
Agents Of The TSA
American Ring
Antihistamine Zombie
Bad Wolf
Baka Baka Baka
Beer-Operated Dude
Boom Boom Heaven
(for "Dance Dance Resurrection" parody)
Budget Cut
Cool Dancer
Cult of Scientology
Dance Dance Pneumonia
and the Revolution Flu
Dependable Woman's Song
Dragonball Fighting
Everybody, Sadako's Back
Failing This Song
Friends In High Places
Goodbye Bill
Green Green Glass of Home
Gum Sticks To Me
I Love Otaku Guys
I Smoke Cannabis
I Stole This Song
It's Raining Men
(Hothead's Lyrics)
Just Like Ryuji And Sadako
The Last Dalek
Leela (Sevateem)
Mary Sue
Mia On The Mike
Written for Mia Dorr :)
Native Cape Coddah
Next Election Day
Ode To A Food Critic
Odin Maya
Over The Rainbow
Pizza Is Pizza
Red Star Woman
Runnin' From America
Sadako Came To The Arcade
Savior Guy
(for "Dance Dance Resurrection" parody)
Send Me An Eva
Silver Bells & Godless Hells
This Song Will Go On
We'd Like To Thank You Georgie Dubya
What Your Parents Think
The Gothsicles Sound Like
When Georgie Goes Marching Home
Windows Vista Sucks
You Can't Stop Stepford
You Give Driving A Bad Name